Managing Church in Crossway Destiny

Management of the Church:
1. Our Church buildings are assets in society. They are in the same category as Schools, Health centers, Hospitals and police posts. We attend to people and solve problems of the community.
2. The pastor is a worker for the community and is supposed to provide a service to the people. Pastors find time in the week from Monday to Sunday when you should be at the church at least daily and give yourself time when you should be at church attending to people.
3. What should a pastor do from Monday to Sunday and from what time to what time? A pastor should be very well organized and plan every day. On Sunday make sure you make appointments with everyone who wants to see you and give them specific time to see you. Make sure you plan what to do with the people. Those who need counselling and prayer. There are people who need visits during the week and there are those who may need only a phone call. The pastor needs to be at the church for those who may want to see you.
4. Weekly programmes – prayer sessions and midweek service, workers sessions on Saturday and preparations for Sunday service.
There should be discipleship classes, Baptism classes, marriage sessions and many more activities.

5. The pastor should organize evangelism sessions and departmental meetings such as women, men, youth, children, couples, singles etc.
6. Personal life of the pastor is important to pray and fast, study the Word and meditation.
Apostle Samuel Matoka

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