Crossway Destiny International started as Gospel Foundation (GosFo) in 1978. It was formed by students from COTSECO (Copperbelt Secondary Teachers College) who felt a strong call to do the work of the Lord. The founders were Newman Bubala (team Leader), Friday Mumbi, Henry Kashweka, Clayton Kanguya and Evans Petimoya.

Upon graduation, these men were posted to various provinces and districts to begin their teaching careers. Due to their strong commitment and call, the men of God organized themselves in such a way that they would hold camp meetings during school holidays targeting the young people. The men of God sacrificed and supported the activities of the ministry using their salaries. Churches were started beginning in North Western through crusades and later across the entire nation of Zambia. The ministry has grown and has connections with partners outside the country. In 1997, the name changed to Destiny Ministries International which ended up into three independent ministries including Crossway Destiny International which was led by the Late Bishop Clayton Kanguya and now by Bishop Newman Bubala.

Currently, the ministry has a total of 40 churches in Zambia and one church in Zambabwe.


To preach the gospel, winning souls to Christ, lead people to repentance, help the widows and orphans materially and spiritually. To evangelise the nations in accordance with Mathew 28:18-20: Go into the world and preach the gospel, make disciples, Baptize, teaching and training them. Mark 16:15-18:  Preach the good news to all creation, whoever believes,  do deliverance, pray for the sick, speak in new tongues with no fear of any danger but trusting  in God always.


To Disciple Nations Towards Destiny – so as to enable people to prosper in health, economically, spiritually, socially and in all areas of life.


To transform lives of all nations in the world into Christ-like especially the most vulnerable and forgotten through the gospel and empowering them spiritually, economically and socially.


Destiny Making You The Best!


Unity – united in purpose, vision, purpose; work.

Crossway Destiny International believes that the Bible is the basis and the Cross of Christ is the Gateway to God’s destiny for the nations of the World.