Building a good name – By Bishop Newman Bubala

”Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but WHO ARE YOU?” ..An evil spirit questioned the seven sons of Sceva!

How much attention have you given to your name? Everyone who is born of a woman is given a name by which they are identified and when God calls a person, He calls them by their name – names are very important and great attention should be given to them.

According to Matthew 1:20-21, an Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph and told Him that Mary would give birth to a son whose name is to be called JESUS, for he shall save the world from sin.

You see, God created each one of us for a purpose and there is a very big reason as to why people call you by the name they call you. The name you have gives you identity and what you do distinguishes you from others and determines your reputation and standing in the eyes of God, Man and Satan.

When Jesus walked the earth, He went about doing good – He healed the sick, delivered the bound and cast out devils as one that has authority. People were amazed at the things He did because they never had such an experience before.

Because of the good things that Jesus did, His name had the power to pull multitudes of people wherever he went. People walked many miles to follow Him because they knew that Jesus has the solution to their problems.

You see, the world we live in has many challenges. People are going through issues – divorce cases are on the rise, poverty levels are high, babies are being raped, xenophobic attacks are on the rampage, street children are all over, the youths are now victims of drug abuse, gender based violence is on the rise, to mention but a few.

All these challenges and problems needs someone with a solution to resolve them. The world is dying for light – There is so much evil in this world and God has called you by your name to be the light of this dark world!!!

Now, God is good all the time and if you must be His representative here on earth, you must do good and build a good name.

Understand this – A name is built by what one does in the community, church or home and for someone to be known, they must be involved in something.

Your actions speaks louder than words and gives people an understanding of who you really are. How you dress, walk, behave and treat others, determines the name that people will know you by – whether good or bad.

A good name is always better than riches and it is built by good actions. In the church, community and in the country, we need to be known for good works – Heb 10:24

As long as we are quiet and do nothing in the church, family and indeed the world, we can never be known and we will never leave a mark in the world – We are only known by what we do.

In order for you and me to impact this world and change it for the better, people must know us by good names and a good name will only manifest if we do good things. People always want to connect themselves to a good name and the good actions that one undertakes, buys them influence, popularity and a high standing in the society.

When a name has influence, it has power to gather people together – Jesus has this power and people gathered together at the mention of His name. Luke 11:27-29

As a christian, your name must bring people to a place where they are supposed to hear, see and benefit when mentioned on banners, posters and websites.

Please understand that you are not an ordinary person. You carry the Holy Spirit who creates solutions where problems exist!! You are called to become a blessing and you are anointed to offer a service and minister to someone’s needs.

Whatever is good for your church, family, husband, wife or country – do it. People will appreciate and your name will be built up and when people talk good about you, the kingdom of God is glorified because you are the light of this world.

Make it easy for people to connect with you so they can be drawn to church and benefit by doing what is right. When they see you do good, they would want to imitate and follow you. Let your kindness, humility, concern, gentleness and sacrificial service convict people to follow you to church where they can be changed, delivered and saved.

Use your mouth to declare to others the good things you see God doing in the church. Don’t be silent – broadcast the powerful singing done by the praise team, the powerful word of salvation proclaimed by your pastor and the great prayers of deliverance offered by your intercessors – you will be doing the work of an evangelist when you tell people about these life changing events.

People will develop interest and will eventually come to witness the wonderful things God is doing through His servants and before you know it, the good news will be preached to them and the kingdom of God will keep growing! John 1:41

Always speak good and not evil, meditate on what is pure and do good. Make a name out of giving, preaching, praying and working for the church.

Let your community, church, country and the realms of the spirit know you by good works so that evil spirits will not dare to say to you ”Jesus and Paul we know but who are you?” You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood – a king in the making. You are more than a conqueror!!

May you find grace to conquer evil with good, hatred with love and may your name have influence in your working place, neighborhood and nation.

May the lost souls be saved through you and may your name draw many people to Jesus Christ.

As you go about doing good, may the Lord remember and reward you according to your labour and may His goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life!!

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